Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I missed it

I never realized how dependant I was on my computer until it went crashing to the floor thanks to puppy wrestling that takes place in my home.

Scenario: Puppy and Golden retriever fighting over stuffed toy. Golden chases puppy into dining room table and both dogs crash into the leg of the table. Everything on the table crashes to the floor including my laptop. I was very upset. I was in tears. The laptop would not boot up. Of course it would not. You could hear the hard drive shaking around in it.

Luckily I purchased accident insurance. I bought it because I have four kids. I never thought I would have to explain that my puppy broke my laptop. That is the worst excuse for a teacher to have.

The laptop is back. All of my documents are gone. I had backed up but I do not have all of my documents. I am missing all of the schoolwork I set up for January. I am missing some photos. But I am over it. I still have to install a lot of software and add in all my files that were backed up. Here is a puppy picture when they are behaving. Which is not very often.